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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Kindergarten Stain Glass in 5 easy steps

This is a great lesson for kindergarten that requires them to draw lines from one edge of the paper to the next, which is a pre- literacy skill.  It also teaches them how to color in a space without scribbling.   Step 1:  Talk about Stained Glass, show some example pictures and ask if anyone has see Stained Glass before. (offend time in church or temple) 
Step 2: Show the video to the students.
Step 3: Pass out the materials.  Don't forget paint shirts for this project, because they are small children with permanent markers. Then students may start on their project.  This project my take 45-70 minutes depending on the child's fine mortar skill.  I typically just stop them after 45 minutes and fill in the rest for them ( I tell them it was the Art Fairy that comes at night to help good little students get finished.) 
Step 4: After collecting the projects write their name in the corner with a fine tip permanent marker, like a a Sharpie.
Step 5: Display these in a window that gets direct sun light.  The light passing through will cast beautiful colors on the floor and walls inside.  Use a little piece of Scotch Tape to put them up.

  • Transparency paper
  • Pencils (to write their name on the back) 
  • Permanent Markers
  • Paint Shirts  
  • a fine tip Sharpie (generic is ok)
  • Scotch Tape

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